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So I don’t know about you, but recently my Facebook has been bombarded with sponsored ads from a website called ThredUP. Now what is ThredUP you ask? It’s basically a thrift store, like Goodwill, but with nicer quality items and nicer brands. You can both buy and sell on this site and they will give you money or store credit for the clothes you give them. Be warned, they do not accept and give you money for everything you send in. They say they only accept the best! And that this is about 40% of what they receive.

After checking out the site the first time, I have to admit that I didn’t see anything I really liked. However, that is okay because they upload thousands of new items EVERY SINGLE DAY! I found several items I really liked and added them to my faves list. Many of them sold before I finally decided to sit down and make a purchase. So this means you definitely have to act fast. Now if you add something to your shopping bag, it holds it for about 3 hours before making it available to others again. This is nice so you have a little time to continue shopping before you absolutely have to check out. The prices were decent on some items and not so decent on others. I ended up purchasing 5 items; 2 pairs of shorts, a t-shirt, a nice blazer jacket, and a long sleeve dress. I paid $28 and that was with shipping. The jacket alone cost about $89 if it had been new (and yes I looked up the brand to verify this). I think that is pretty good considering the other items were American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret PINK, and Nike.

After receiving my box, I did decide to return the 2 pairs of shorts because they just don’t fit the way I like. However, that’s fine. That’s the down side to online shopping for me, while I may know my sizes for the most part, things do of course vary by brand and they just don’t work out sometimes. Now, returning items is super easy. I just go into my order on the app/website and select which items I wish to return and print out my packing slip and return label. Then I pack into the box I received them in (you don’t have to return them in the same box, but it’s just gonna get thrown out, so why the heck not!) and slap on the label. Then out the door it goes.

For the sell side of the website, it is super simple! All you have to do is request a clean out kit, which is basically a gigantic bag (postage is already paid) and you just fill it with whatever clothes, shoes, bags and accessories you are looking to get rid of, seal it up and drop it off at the post office. You do have the option for them to return any items that they do not accept OR they can just donate it to a third party textile recycler. Personally, I decided to have them just donate whatever is left because it was just going to go to Goodwill anyway.



Update 2/10/2018: I just wanted to follow up on my selling experience. I only received $4.56 from my combined selling and consignment items. They accepted 8 of my items total. Several scarves, 2 clutches and a pair of basically new Gap brand jeans. They took several of the items and listed them for MORE than they were worth as well. They accepted a brown Claire’s wristlet and said it was unbranded (there is very clearly a tag on the inside) and listed it for $17.99 with the estimated retail value being $34.99. That item was $12.99 regular price. Overall, I would never sell to them again and knowing that they markup items, I will definitely do my homework on a piece before I purchase it.

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