PoliTALK: Gun Violence in the US

Good evening lovelies. In light of recent events, today’s topic is going to take a more serious turn. I don’t write these style of pieces often, however with the recent amount of gun violence that has taken place in Orlando, Florida over the weekend, I want to speak my peace.

Now if this is your first time hearing about it let me break it down for you. Friday June 10, 2016 upcoming singer, “The Voice” contestant and YouTube artist, Christina Grimmie was shot following a concert in Orlando while she was signing autographs. Her gunman, Kevin Liobl, was tackled by Christina’s brother before shooting himself. Miss Grimmie was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died of her injuries. Christina’s rise to fame started when she was only 15 years old. She began filming covers from major artists and posting them on her YouTube Channel Zeldaxlove64. Her following grew significantly following her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”. To date she has 3.3 Million followers. In 2014, Christina took the plunge and auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice” using Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” where she earned the turn of all four judges and landed herself on Adam Levine’s team where she finished the competition in 3rd place. Christina went on to do more great things and landing a deal with Island Records following her time on “The Voice”.

christina-grimmie-gives-her-fans-sneak-peek-cliche-her-birthday-alt.pngFor anyone wishing to support the Grimmie family during this time of tragedy you can donate to the official GoFundMe started by Christina’s manager Brian Teefey.

On Saturday June 11, 2016, tragedy struck Orlando once again. This time it was of a much larger scale. Pulse nightclub, which is a venue that caters towards the LGBT community, became the scene of mass chaos.  On Saturday night around 2AM Omar Mateen, who worked for a security company for many years, open fired into a full club of 300+ guests. He killed 50 and injured another 53+ people before being gunned down in a shootout with Orlando PD. According to an alleged witness to the event there were a total of 3 shooters. Which would mean 2 shooters are still at large. This has yet to be confirmed or denied by news sources. Omar was pledged to ISIS and ISIS has also laid claim to the attack. To help victims of this attack, you can access an official GoFundMe here.

In light of these horrific attacks, many are placing the blame in the obvious place, gun control. Many blame guns for the act of a person. Guns don’t hurt people, people do. Guns are nothing more than a tool to do it. If a person wishes to cause harm to another, they will by any means necessary. They can obtain weapons in legal or illegal ways, it doesn’t matter. Criminals don’t follow the law. Plain and simple. Things like background checks are already in place to obtain a firearm, at least for authorized dealers. This however, does not obtain to private sales. We should extend this requirement to include private sales. Another popular comment is to ban high power rifles and automatic weapons. First, automatic weapons are banned in most states and for those that aren’t, they are extremely hard to get a license for. As for semi-auto weapons, such as the ak-47, they are considered very popular as hunting rifles. They are especially useful when hunting animals such as hog. Banning these weapons won’t do anything because these people will continue to hurt people by other means or by obtaining weapons illegally. There could be some modifications to existing gun laws, but it is hard to say where we should draw the line. Arm yourself or don’t. That is a personal choice. However, it is no coincidence that most mass shooting events happen in gun free zones.


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