The Road to Minimalism

Hey lovelies! Tonight I just kind of want to chat a little bit about my road to minimalism. I know this has definitely been a popular topic in the blogosphere as well as YouTube in recent months for a lot of different people. Overall, I think it is important to be happy with the things we have and only surround ourselves with the things we love and use in life. Otherwise, we are just creating clutter and in the end stressing ourselves out which is not the best way to have a healthy mind and spirit. This is where things like de-cluttering and capsule wardrobes come into place. This isn’t to say we can’t collect things that make us happy. If collecting makeup or baseball cards makes you happy, then why the heck not go for it! However, I have hit a point where while I still LOVE makeup and fashion, collecting meaningless things that don’t bring me joy or don’t work for me just brings me down.

I first started researching minimalism about a year ago when I ran across some of Christina Kobzeff’s older YouTube videos where she was decluttering her makeup collection. As I watched her de-clutter these high end makeup items I originally wanted to cringe. How could someone possibly just get rid of blushes and eyeshadows that easily cost between $20-$50 EACH! It felt like she was basically throwing away money. Then she went on to explain that many of the products she was parting with were just sitting there because she didn’t like the formula or the colors were not right for her. This is when the lightbulb clicked for me personally. I looked through my own collection and my possessions in general and thought how so many of them were just collecting dust and were not being used to their full potential. This is when I started going through my own things and parted with a lot of makeup and other random items that I just didn’t want anymore or didn’t like as much as I thought. Like Christine, I didn’t just throw these items away either. I passed them on to friends and family who did want them and could use them. Nothing beats the look on someone’s face when you give them a whole bag of new goodies to use and play with.

I feel like now through all of this de-cluttering, I have become much more aware of the things I purchase and hold on to. It’s a good feeling and makes things like cleaning up and moving a whole lot easier too! If you want to check out Christine’s full de-clutter playlist, you can click here!



“A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way”


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