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Good morning lovelies! A few weeks ago I explained myself and my thought process for my January 40 bags challenge. I got started a little late in the month due to the after holidays rush keeping me busy at work as well as everyone having to use their vacation days at work before the fiscal year ends. While I have made decent strides, I feel like it is necessary to push my completion date back 2 weeks. This will put my deadline on February 14. What better way to celebrate a day of love than having a nice clean and clutter free house that you LOVE to spend time and relax in?

I had originally vlogged a portion of my de-clutter as a kind of follow me on my journey sort of thing. However, for whatever reason, the footage is corrupt and it won’t let me edit and upload. Therefore, I am going to stick to the photo collage I got from that day to kind of give you an idea of my process. So far I have collected bags of trash, donations and other things that needed to be returned to their rightful homes.


Bag 1: my clothes to donate

I had a bag from before we actually moved of old clothes I wanted to donate…they have been sitting in a closet for several months and finally made their way to the salvation army 🙂

Bag 2: A desk

Technically this isn’t a bag but it still counts. This was an old corner desk from my parents house that was super scratched up and warped from spilled drinks etc. It was very rickety and was pretty much unusable as a desk. However, it did make a great bonfire 😉

Bag 3: a loveseat

We no longer use our leather loveseat from our living room and have opted to sell it to make some extra cash to pay off bills

Bag 4: his clothes to donate

This takes pretty much the same scenario as my clothes, they were sitting in the closet and now at the salvation army.

Bag 5: Random trash

This bag consisted of old bills, receipts, coupons etc that were expired or we didn’t need.

Bag 6: Accessories

I went through and got rid of several handbags, hats, scarves and other accessories that I just don’t wear anymore.

Bag 7: Broken accessories

I had some necklaces that broke during the move that I couldn’t repair as well as missing earrings, a stained scarf and some of my husband’s (DISGUSTING) hats. I honestly don’t know how some of those hats were still living in our house.

Bag 8: Clothing to throw away

All of the clothes with stains and holes in them as well as undergarments that were stretched or worn out went straight to the trash can.

Bag 9: Random stuff

This bag consisted of random stuff from around the house. I had an unopened “bake-a-bone” treat maker for my doggies that someone gave me. I typically give them fresh fruits and veggies as treats so I had no need for it. I also found some vases, random decorative knick knacks and things like that.

Bag 10: Bathroom trash

This bag consisted of stuff that I had collected from my bathroom that I had vlogged. Empty tampon boxes, old eyeliners, gross and old lipglosses, and other old makeup items made up the bulk of this.

Bag 11: Bathroom Giveaway items

This bag I gave to my mom and sister and let them pick out what they wanted. This one consisted of a desktop mini 3 drawer organizer, some newer lipglosses that I just didn’t like, some eyeshadow palettes, samples I wasn’t planning on using and some face products that didn’t agree with my skin.


This is pretty much where I left off. I was able to do about a quarter of my challenge in about 4-6 days which is great. However, this was stuff that I had already planned on getting rid of or at least areas I planned to look through. I have a few more things in mind such as going through some of the stuff we have in storage as well as old cards/keepsakes and pictures that need to be gone through but after that it it going to take some real thought. I will hopefully have another similar post up in the next few days to talk more about my fulfilled bags and hopefully a functioning vlog to go with it!!


“A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way”





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