Cleaning the Clutter Pt 4: Makeup Inventory 2015

Happy July Everyone! I know it has been a while. The last month has been crazy. Our rental house fell through so we have been back at the grind house hunting while both of us also work full time and pretty much opposite schedules from each other. It has been hard that is for sure.


Anyway, today I wanted to put up my makeup inventory for 2015. I went through my makeup while we were packing up the house and got rid of several older items as well as items I just never used! I didn’t get rid of a ton, but it definitely cleared up some room in my drawers and only left things I actually like and WANT to use. Since I made this list I actually used up some items as well. I have limited the number of items I have been using since we are staying at my husband’s mom’s house until we can get our housing situation figured out.


  • Powder: 2
  • Foundation: 2
  • Face Primer: 2
  • Concealer: 3
  • Powder Blush: 14
  • Stick Blush: 7
  • Bronzing Powder: 3
  • Cream Shadow Pots: 10
  • Pencil Eye Liners:15
  • Liquid/Cream Eye Liners: 6
  • Lip Gloss: 32
  • Lipstick: 20
  • Lip Liner: 5
  • Eye Shadow Singles: 30
  • Palettes: 4
  • Pigments: 11

I know, looking at that, that is a LOT of makeup! In fact, that is a total of 166 pieces. While it is definitely not as much as many major beauty gurus, it is still a LOT for a single person to have. Which is fine for me cause I do love it and use it. 🙂 Now, it definitely took some time for me to go through all of my makeup and really evaluate everything. It was also kind of fun, because I got to rediscover some of my old favorites while I was swatching and going through everything.



  • Powder: 1
  • Foundation: 2 (One of which is about to be completely used up)
  • Face Primer: 2 (My benefit porefessional is almost gone. I love it, but I plan on using up my Maybelline Baby Skin before I purchase the Smashbox Primer to try out)
  • Concealer: 2
  • Powder Blush: 10
  • Stick Blush: 7
  • Bronzing Powder: 2
  • Cream Shadow Pots: 10
  • Pencil Eye Liners: 11
  • Liquid/Cream Eye Liners: 1
  • Lip Gloss: 26
  • Lipstick: 18
  • Lip Liner: 3
  • Eye Shadow Singles: 21
  • Palettes: 4
  • Pigments: 11

As you can tell, I didn’t get rid of a TON of items but I did get rid of some. Some of the never used items were passed along to my sister and I threw away the old and gross items that were just taking up space. I also used up a few that I was already super close to finishing and am close to finishing a few more items as well. I am left with 131 pieces. This is still a lot, However, keep in mind this is stuff I do use and rotate through regularly which to me is much more satisfying than a hoarding mess of makeup just because I “have to have it” or its “brand new”. I hope you guys enjoyed taking a peak into my makeup collection! Don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

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