Cleaning the Clutter Pt 2: Toiletries

Okay, so this is my first ACTUAL post regarding my home moving purge. The first part talked mainly about my goals and different areas I plan to cover. If you want to check that out, click here! Today, I am focusing on my bathroom. I used to be a hardcore couponer and really stocked up on some toiletry items as well as freebies, hotel shampoos and what not. Now, I am much better about my quantity I end up purchasing, but those little sample/travel ones just multiply like crazy, ya know? As I started packing up my excess toiletries before I decided to start purging, I figured out I have about three BOXES worth! Now that is probably more than any person could ever use. A TON of it is Bath and Body Works items that my husband received from his connections at the mall. When shipment is damaged even the slightest, they are required to get rid of it. The same thing goes when they change their packaging, they have to get rid of all of the “try me” sample bottles and put out the ones with the new packaging even though its the exact same thing. Bath and Body Works throws a lot of what I consider perfectly good merchandise away. However, their loss is my gain I suppose. 🙂

I started off by emptying the boxes that I had packed up with spare toiletries and pulled my other toiletries out of the bathroom.I laid them all out with like categories and began my work. Now, remember that a lot of my spare BBW items may be partially used “try me” testers. I looked through and combined partial bottles of the same scent in order to at least get rid of the extra bottle, even if I didn’t intend to get rid of the item all together.



I went through and had to thoroughly evaluate whether or not I really liked that scents and also go through it with my husband because he liked some of the scents of hand soap that I didn’t. So I did compromise with him SOME but still got rid of quite a few things. This is what I ended up taking out to re-home.


I know it doesn’t look like a whole lot but I did manage to take out 13 bottles here. (After taking this picture, the next day I managed to get rid of 4 more bottles of soap). The Sea Island Cotton scented things will go to my mom since they are her favorite. I took the rest of the BBW and gave them to some ladies and my hubby’s work and they very much appreciated them. I am taking the Suave products to my parents as well cause I know between them and my sister, they will use them. The few little sample things on the side I either plan on using up before I move or throwing away. I threw away that extra razor handle as well (cause I really don’t need two). I have managed to cut my stash back to about a box and a half which is great. Most of the items  I have left are soaps since I know those are things I will definitely use in the new house with 3 bathrooms and my kitchen. I even finished up a bottle I was using in my current bathroom and pulled another new one to use while we are still living in the apartment.

I am very proud of my progress so far. It feels nice to be rid of even just a little less clutter. It feels even better to make people happy when you give them your excess. Keep checking back for more updates, comment, SUBSCRIBE and if you are doing a little purge/declutter of your own, SHARE IT in the comments!

“A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way”

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