Cleaning the Clutter Pt 1

Good Evening lovelies! Tonight I have been doing a whole lot of planning. I will be moving at the end of May and as I have started packing, I have realized we just have TOO MUCH STUFF!!! Therefore, I have decided now is a perfect time to purge some items as well. Now, we are getting a bigger house (4 bedrooms AND my own office). However, just because we have the space, doesn’t mean we have to fill every inch of it. Keep in mind I have 2 dogs and three cats as well as my husband and myself. So that is still a lot of bodies in that house. Plus, my parents and sister (and her kitty, Bella) will be moving in temporarily until they can get new place that they like too. That is a lot of people in one house, but I don’t feel it will be overwhelming.


To start off, I will be going through my personal belongings including my “keepsakes” to see what I can and can’t get rid off. This will probably be the easiest portion of my purging process, especially now since I am in a good state of mind to do it. Next, I will go through the bathroom and go through my makeup/beauty products as well as our body washes and soaps. Needless to say, we have a ton collected over time from hotels, freebies, gifts etc.This will definitely take some time, but its a lot easier than having to move it from the apartment to the house. This will also make it much easier to find a new home for our things in the new house.

“A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way”

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