New Year, New You! Making and Breaking Those New Years Resolutions

Good evening lovelies! I am on the phone sitting by the bonfire typing this to post first thing in the morning. As we say goodbye to 2014, I am sure we have all been thinking about those New Years resolutions for 2015 (and how long is it going to take to break them). We always seem to break them within the first few weeks and become disappointed in ourselves. However, the disappointment stops this year. Instead, I challenge you to do your best at obtaining your goals and praising yourself for the strides you do make towards that goal even if you don’t completely meet them. I know I have goals of paying bills and losing weight. I may not have payed all of my bills off in 2014 or even lost all of the weight I wish to lose, but I did pay off a bill in full and lost (and kept off even through the holidays) a good 15-20 pounds. I should not be hating and being disappointed in myself for these strides towards my goal. So for 2015, let’s work on bettering ourselves by praising ourselves for our strides and promising ourselves to keep working hard towards our life’s ambitions.

Happy New Year!!



          “A Little Glamour Goes A long Way”

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